Spanking Makeup Brush Set of 12 with storage box + 2 sponge puff

Product Description

💕 Perfect Design - Create an airbrushed and beautiful be. Use Spanking makeup brush. Apply foundations, concealers, blushes and highlighters perfectly.

💕 Flawless Base - The fiber design allows the brush to pick up and hold product in the base bristles. While the top, feathery bristles give you a smooth, flawless finish

💕 Highest Quality Material - Made with premium quality synthetic fibers - as soft as real hair, don't absorb foundation into the brush itself, and are easily cleaned.

💕 Wonderful manufacturer - All Spanking brushes undergo a 7-step process during manufacture to prevent shedding. You choose a great product.

ATTENTION: SPANKING-IP INDIA trademark registration number "4194157". Please identify the legit" Spanking "products.

Imported from INDIA

Piece: 12 bristle material: artificial fiber 1double color flat Brush Long, large eye shadow halo brush long 14cm 2 flat
trumpet foundation brush long 12. 8cm 3 eyeshader Brush 13. 5cm 4 smudge Brush Long 13. 5cm 5 large oblique eyebrow
brush 13. 7cm 6 shadow, blusher brush long, small eyeshadow Brush long 13. 2cm 7 trumpet oblique eyebrow Brush lip brush
Long, Long 13. 5cm 8 long 13cm 9 flat eyeliner brush blusher Brush expansion 13cm 10 closed 12. 5cm 11 description of
loading12. 5cm 12 18cm, 10. 5cm.

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