ElastiPoxy Concrete Joint & Crack Filler Kit (2-qts.) - Flexible Floor-to-Wall Joint Sealant, Cracks in Concrete Blocks, Expansion Joints, Spalled Concrete

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Product Description

Flexible repair to allow for the natural movement of concrete.

Adhesion to damp surfaces, making it ideal for basements, slabs on grade, and driveways

Permanently fills and repairs leaking contraction joints, floor to wall joints, expansion joints, and more.

High-quality, 100%-solid, 2-component epoxy

Floor-to-wall joint sealant

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Imported from USA

ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit is a unique, state-of-the-art joint sealant and crack filler for concrete, concrete
blocks, and masonry. A two-component FLEXIBLE epoxy. No polymer additives, 100% solids, ZERO VOCs. Low viscosity,
self-leveling epoxy for filling joints, cracks, and spalls in slabs. Impact-resistant. Virtually indestructible under
high water pressure or heavy traffic. Good chemical and water resistance. When mixed with sand, provides a strong, rigid
filler for filling cracks or defects in masonry walls. Suitable for both contractors and homeowners. OLD WAYS AT FIXING
CRACKS - Hydraulic cement is waterproof but does not bond well to concrete. That’s why it needs an inverted V-groove. It
is also very rigid and does not move with the concrete. Polyurethane caulk is both waterproof and flexible. It bonds
well to the surface of dry concrete but wicking water and efflorescence gradually weaken the bond. It has no strength
and easily separates due to water pressure. KIT CONTENTS: 1 can of Base Resin (A), 1 can of Epoxy Hardener (B), 2
measuring cups, 2 mixer attachments. You will need a plastic container for mixing and a low-speed drill for the mixers.
If needed, DRY construction or play sand. A small plastic watering can or cup with a spout for pouring pure epoxy into
joints and cracks in floors or a small trowel for applying the epoxy-sand mix. APPEARANCE: Gray. You can mix in color
pigment or use colored sand to match the surface color. The filler is partially paintable. When using pure epoxy, it is
best to roughen up the surface first with a grinder. COVERAGE: Based on a routed out crack 1/4" wide by 1/2" deep and
using pure epoxy, the smaller kit will fill approximately 75 linear feet. The larger kit provides four times more
volume, 300 linear ft. Using the smaller 2-qts. kit and 4:1 sand to epoxy ratio, you will need approximately 20 lbs. of
dry sand and the mixture will fill about 375 ft. of cracks ¼” wide and ½” deep.

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