Makeup Brush Cleaner –[Upgrade Version] Three Level Intensity Adjustments Rantizon Automatic Cosmetic Brushes Cleaning Machine with 360 Degree Rotation, Professional Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool

Product Description

【USB FAST CHARGING】- The Rantizon makeup brush cleaner is designed with USB charging not battery operation, has 8500 rpm powerful motor which is more steady and powerful. It can easily clean and dry the makeup brushes thoroughly to keep your brushes clean and dry.

【THREE LEVEL INTENSITY AND SPEED BUTTON】- The biggest advantage of Rantizon USB makeup brush cleaner is that there are 3 level buttons (strong, medium, low) that can clean and dry large, medium and small brushes separately, with different intensity power, speed and decontamination ability.

【PREMIUM MATERIAL BOWL 】The transparent cleaning bowl is made of premium material, which made it durable, uneasy to be broken. It can be withstand heat of 100℃, so you can wash the brushes in warm and high temperature water safely.

【8 DIFFERENT RUBBER COLLARS】- It has 8 rubber collars that perfectly in 30mm, 24mm,19mm,15mm,11cm,10mm,7mm and 5mm, which fits 95% of makeup brushes in the market and this brush cleaner is all for your needs!!! Helping you clean and dry your brushes in 20-30 seconds and can be re-use again without hand wash mess.

【ERGONOMICS GRIP& EASY TO USE】- Ergonomic grip design ensure a comfortable and stable holding. Just put your finger on the button and wait 1-2 seconds to turn it on. If you want to close the handle, long press any button of the handle to close.

Imported from UK

Have You Ever Wash Your Makeup Brushes?
How Often Do You Wash Your Makeup Brushes?
Do You Know How Much dirties are on the Makeup Brushes that You Use Every Day?
- Cleaning brushes lead to healthy skin. If you do not clean your makeup brushes properly, the dirty on makeup brushes
may cause bad influence to your skin.
- Don’t panic, because that’s exactly why we created the Rantion Make up Brush Cleaner.
- Meanwhile Professionals recommend cleaning makeup brushes at least once or twice a month, but traditional methods of
cleaning are laborious, messy and we use an innovative centrifugal spin technology to leave your makeup brush completely
clean and dry in under a few seconds!!!!
So How to Clean Effectively?
1. Fill the clear bowl with warm water and your personal preference of natural soap, baby shampoo, or the cleaning
2. Using the rubber adaptor that fits your makeup brush;
3. Attach the brush to the brush spinner, dunk into the water, and spin on the lowest setting;
4. Remove the brush from the water, keeping it in the bowl, and spin to dry. If you want to reshape the brush, keep it
slightly damp and reshape with your fingers.
Color: White + pink
Package Weight: 0.53kg
Collars Material: Silicone
Size of Package: 17*14*14cm
Battery: USB charging
Function: Makeup brush cleaning tool
Package Includes:
1 * Main Device
1 * Brush Spinner
1 * Collar Stand
8 * Rubber Collars
1 * Brush Spinner Bowl
1 * User Manual

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