Horizon Red Gold Fade Yo Yo Paul Kerbel Model From The YoYoFactory

Product Description

Horizon Red Gold Fade Yo Yo

Signature Model of Champion Paul Kerbel

Metal Unresponsive

Pro Competition

Ages 8+

Imported from USA

With fans all over the world for his flashy performances, Paul Kerbel has been at the forefront of Mexican yo-yoing,
with several national titles to his name. The Horizon is his new signature model, with a special design to optimize
horizontal play. Even at low speeds, the Horizon maintains incredible balance, and down to the last ounce of spin, you
can throw horizontal tricks all day. Of course, the Horizon is also well suited for top-on style tricks, with a rounded,
concave side face, blast-finished for smooth grinds whether you're wearing gloves or not. Please Note: This yoyo is NOT
for beginners. The Horizon requires the ability to "bind", a yoyo maneuver. One can find videos on the Yoyofactory
website and on You Tube.

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