• DOUBLE THE COVERAGE - Transforme's Premium Omega 3 gives you 330mg EPA 220mg DHA in each softgel - a whopping 660mg & 440mg in the potent 2000mg 2 capsule serving. PLUS you get 360 softgels where some offer only 180 for the same price, or more - we give you DOUBLE the essential fatty acids, that's DOUBLE the length of coverage or DOUBLE the strength each day.
  • COMPARE OUR PRICE - Transforme's Premium 2000mg 2 capsule serving provides 660mg EPA and 440mg DHA, the highest potency in the optimal balance, genuine high strength coverage for 6 months. Some charge the same for 180 capsules, or for 365 less potent capsules.
  • WHY EPA & DHA? - These essential fatty acids are recognised as contributing to the normal function of the heart (required daily intake 250mg DHA & EPA) and to normal brain function and normal vision (required daily intake 250mg DHA).
  • TESTED & PURE - Transforme manufactures in the UK, to GMP standards. Our fish oil is molecularly filtered for purity and concentration, and it is independently tested to ensure it is contaminant free.
  • YOUR GUARANTEE - Transforme supply premium quality supplements, competitively priced, all with our money back guarantee. We love feedback so please do let us know how you get on! Many thanks.
  • Imported from UK.
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