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HPI has designed a new air filter for all Big Block Nitro Star engines. The improved design will give the engine a better air supply and therefore more power and at the same time better protection against dust and dirt. The design features two different foams for a two level protection. The outer foam prevents penetration from larger dirt particles and is easy to clean. The second inner foam filters all fine dust and does not need to be cleaned as often for easier maintenance. The large air intake is right in the middle of the foam cylinder with two solid nylon plates at the top and bottom. Therefore it is impenetrable by dust or dirt preventing damage inside the engine. The large dimensions of the filter element and air intake give optimal, constant air supply and best performance to all HPI Nitro Star Big Block engines such as the S-25 or 21BB. The specially designed mountings give the air filter an optimal position under the Savage roll bar - best air flow under the bodyshell and protection against crashes. A "Must Have" for all Savages! Listed by Hpi to fit the following models • 862 - SAVAGE X SS 4.6 • 868 - RTR SAVAGE X 4.6 WITH NITRO GT-2 TRUCK BODY • 869 - SAVAGE X 4.6 • 873 - RTR SAVAGE X 4.6 WITH NITRO GT-2 BODY AND REVERSE • 876 - SAVAGE X SS KIT WITH NITRO GT-2 TRUCK BODY (WITHOUT ENGINE) • 882 - RTR SAVAGE 3.5 TRUCK WITH NITRO GT-1 TRUCK BODY • 10501 - RTR HELLFIRE TRUCK (CE-2PIN) • 10502 - RTR HELLFIRE TRUCK (CE-3PIN) • 10517 - RTR SAVAGE XL 5.9 WITH GT GIGANTE TRUCK BODY • 101736 - RTR SAVAGE X 4.6 SPECIAL EDITION • 104266 - RTR SAVAGE X 4.6 W/ 2.4GHZ & NITRO GT-2 TRUCK BODY • 105645 - RTR SAVAGE X 4.6 WITH 2.4GHZ, NITRO GT-3 TRUCK BODY (GREY/RED) • 109084 - SAVAGE X 4.6 RTR (SILVER/BLACK) • 109084 - SAVAGE X 4.6 RTR (SILVER/BLACK) • 109085 - SAVAGE X 4.6 RTR (SILVER/GUNMETAL)