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Isabelle Dupont Extra Lux Long Lasting Intense Wear Lipstick, Coral Pink

Product Description

A long lasting Intense wear lipstick with a satin smooth finish

Moisturises and protects your lips

Instantly provides a silky ribbon shine

Erases and evens out the appearance of fine lines

Lips appear fuller

Imported from UK

Colour:Coral Pink

Isabelle DuPont exclusive lipstick is a long lasting lipstick that intense wear with a satin smooth finish
that moisturises and protects your lips. It erases and evens out appearances of fine lines and gives your lips a silky
ribbon shine. If you're looking to accentuate your lips, The Isabelle DuPont lipstick is the best lipstick to wear as it
gives the appearance of fuller looking lips. It is smooth to apply and does not dry out. Ideal for any occasion or
everyday use. Available in Coral Pink colour shade.

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