BSN DNA Series Glutamine Recovery Powder, 309 g

Product Description

Customize your supplement stack with the all-new BSN DNA Series.

A unified line of products that serves as a gateway for new users into the BSN brand - designed for versatile & everyday usage.

DNA Series products are designed to be stacked with existing pre/post workout items for amplified results.

Single ingredient items that allow heavy category consumers to create customized product combinations.

Imported from UK

From the Pre-Workout category creator and the developer of the first pre-workout product comes an enhanced formula more
powerful than ever, N.O. Xplode. A comprehensive, multi-functional performance formula, delivering energy, performance
and focus. N.O. Xplode 3.0 is an all in one concentrated pre-workout product to help maintain high intensity exercise
performance. N.O. Xplode 3.0 contains the following active ingredients: Creatine, Arginine, Beta Alanine, Betaine in
efficacious dosages. Creatine, Arginine, Beta Alanine,



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