MuscleTech Platinum 100 Percent Carnitine - Pack of 180 Capsules

Product Description

Platinum 100% l-carnitine is a stimulant-free Carnitine formula powered with 500mg of l-carnitine L-tartrate, the most researched form of Carnitine

What's more, the Non-stimulant properties of platinum 100% l-carnitine make it the perfect addition to your favourite diet supplement stack

You can take it throughout the day, between meals and with any other supplements

L-carnitine is probably one of the best-known bodybuilding supplements

Supports muscle recovery

100% Pure Carnitine Formula

500mg of the Most Studied Form of L-Carnitine

Supports Muscle Recovery

Non-Stimulant Formula - Great for Stacking

180 Servings

Imported from UK

L-carnitine has been shown to promote recovery following resistance exercise by minimizing muscle damage. In fact, in
recent research at a leading university, subjects supplementing with just 1g of L-carnitine experienced improved muscle
recovery post-training. Platinum 100% Carnitine supplies the most researched form of L-carnitine - L-carnitine
L-tartrate, which is an amino acid metabolite that acts as a co-factor to help transport fatty acids to the
mitochondria. Mitochondria are responsible for cellular energy production. What's more, the non-stimulant properties of
Platinum 100% Carnitine make it the perfect addition to your favourite diet supplement stack.


capsule( bovine gelatin, water, titanium dioxide), silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, talc

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