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BSN NITRIX 2.0 Tablets, 180 Count

Product Description

Concentrated nitric oxide precursor

3 grams of coralline

3 grams of creative


Supports muscle fullness, vascularity and pumps

Imported from USA

NITRIX is a dietary supplement that is taken throughout the day to promote blood vessel-dilating and muscle-volatizing
effects, thereby supporting blood flow and enhanced muscular performance. The key to the NITRIX formula is the inclusion
of the amino acid L-arginine, a precursor to nitric oxide. High levels of nitric oxide are known to dilate the blood
vessels, which may have a multitude of positive effects on muscular performance and appearance. NITRIX promotes superior
workout performance and, thereby, gains in strength and size. Additionally, NITRIX promotes vascularity and intense
muscle pumps, which may help support the density and appearance of the muscles. Any type of athlete can benefit from
improved cardiovascular performance and efficiency. In this sense, NITRIX lays the groundwork for all further physique
and performance supporting improvements.

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