Blanched Almonds 125g (Organic, Infinity Foods). Organic Blanched Almonds without Skins Spanish blanched almonds. Thin "skins" removed to reveal the white insides. Useful to decorate cakes. Good snack for kids. Deep, creamy flavour. Why not try.... Organic Blanched Almonds (1kg) - Sussex Whole Foods Even better value! 1kg for 18. 50 or buy 3 for 17. 58 each. >>> More >>> Ingredients: Almonds, organically grown in Spain. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here Nutritional Information Values per 100g Energy 612 calories Protein 21. 1g Carbohydrates 6. 9g of which sugars 4. 2g Fat 55. 8g of which saturates 4. 7g Fibre 7. 4g Sodium Trace