Apricots 1kg, Basics (Healthy Supplies). Bulk bag of Apricots Normal dried apricots. Eat as a snack. Chop and add to your breakfast. Blend and chop into sweet bakes. Add to Tagines and other slow cook recipes. New product! Listed due to customer demand, these are the normal dried apricots as found in the supermarkets. We recommend the dark apricots above these yellow ones as they are preservative-free and have a richer taste; however, we list these because people have asked for them! These are still perfectly good, with a juicy squishiness and tangy taste. Dark or yellow? The choice is yours! You might also like... Apricots 1kg (Healthy Supplies) Preservative-free dark apricots. We prefer the dark ones because they are preservative-free, with a richer taste. Ingredients: Apricots, preservative SO2. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here