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Polarised Womens Sunglasses Vintage UV400 Protection Acetate Frame

Product Description

Carfia sunglasses focuses classics with sophisticated aesthetics and clean lines that offer a modern twist, ideal when you want to adapt outlook and express individuality

Using enhanced polarised lens, carfia polarised sunglasses block out UV rays and harmful blue light to reduce eye fatigue, keep your vision clear and depth perception sharp


Solid acetate frame is lightweight with tight hinged design and sturdy construction. These acetate sunglasses are super flexible, providing a comfortable fit for everyday wear

Carfia polarised sunglasses presents the distinctive design that is a staple for any occasion, comes in many colors and sizes which can be worn with any outfits

Carfia polarised sunglasses also well-packaged with a soft sunglasses case and a solid protection box, absolutely a nice gift to your friends and families

Imported from UK

Carfia Sunglasses are the perfect additions to any outfit for modern womens.

Glare can affect your view of the world, cause the eyes to strain.
Carfia polarised sunglasses, effectively blocks reflected light and glare from wet road, ice surface, water surface and
during the traffic.
Thus enabling people to always be able to see the conditions of the road or water surface clearly.

☀UV400 Protection☀
UV rays mainly damages the human eye's cornea, it may cause common eye disease like ultraviolet keratitis.
The enhanced polarised lens technology of Carfia eliminates 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue lights.
The polarization goes beyond shielding your eyes from harmful UV to reveal and enhance the world's true vivid colors in

☀Sturdy Acetate Frame☀
Acetate is strong, flexible and hypoallergenic.
Compared standard plastic eyeframes, acetate eyewear are more lightweight, flexible, and solid, which will make people
comfortable to wear.
Three-barrel hinge in each temple provides durability to the structure of the frame.

☀Package: 1* Polarised Sunglasses, 1* Soft Sunglasses Case, 1* Solid Protection Box, 1* Lens Cleaning Cloth

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