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Set Wet Go Aqua Perfume Spray, 20 ml

Product Description

Fresh fragrance that is long lasting

This fragrance is perfect for your day out, be it shopping, movies or just chilling!

It gives you a masculine appeal that stays all day long regardless of what you do, where you go

Turn on the charm and improve your confidence without saying a word. Fragrances that's captivating and attractive

Safe on skin

Also available in other variants

Hold can 5-6 inches away from body and spray. Do Not use near Flame . Most effective on clean & dry Skin

Imported from INDIA

Set Wet Go is a pocket perfume spray which you can carry with you conveniently and apply on the go. These are fresh and
long lasting fragrances, specially crafted to be used during the day. It prevents body odour by the bacterial breakdown
of perspiration in armpits, and other areas of the body.

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